In the beginning...

Marcy Burke got her first golden retriever, Bunky, in 1991 and took him to some local classes to teach him some manners. It was there that she met Ann Kaiser and the two became fast friends. During the next four years they were spending many weekends going to dog obedience trials all over the northeastern United States. Marcy's twin sister, Lise Pratt, thought both of them were a bit crazy spending all that time and money training and showing dogs. In 1995 Marcy got her second golden, Taylor. One night sitting at the dinner table with Taylor's breeders they mentioned that they were going to be placing Taylor's sister Flyer after she got her TDX (the highest AKC tracking title at that time). Lise said she would love to take her, but needed to be upfront with them - Flyer would just be a pet, as Lise had no interest in training or showing dogs. In short order Flyer passed the TDX and was now officially Lise's.

Around that time Ann Kaiser had gone to a local pay-as-you-go agility class and Ann talked Lise and Marcy into trying it. It only took one class and they were hooked. After a few months they realized they needed to train more than once a week. Since they already had an indoor facility for obedience, they thought, "Gee, all we really need to practice on our own is a few jumps, a see-saw, and weavepoles," which they made themselves. Within that year they made every piece of agility equipment and all their friends were joining in on the fun! The three of them went to camp with Julie Daniels and were introduced to the power of clicker training. What they also learned was there was so much they did not know about the sport, so they signed up for every class, seminar and workshop they could find within driving distance.

That next year, as luck would have it, one of the best agility handlers in the country moved to New Jersey. Lise and Marcy asked if she would like to teach on Long Island and she said she would love to. The announcement was made that she was coming to teach, people signed up and the classes began. Two weeks into the session the instructor told them she could not deal with the traffic and would have to stop teaching. (If you have ever dealt with Long Island traffic, you would understand!) When they told the students that the class was cancelled and each would be getting a refund, they all said, "You guys know more than we do, why don't you teach the classes?" And so SNAP was born.

SNAP has been blessed to have many very talented teachers work with them over the years. Their students have gone on to:

 • Represent the United States on various world teams
 • Win multiple national championships
 • Attain multiple MACHs, ADCHs and NATCHs

SNAP is honored that our students have chosen us to be a part of the journey they are on with their dogs - helping them learn the lessons their dogs came into their lives to teach them. Because without question, the most important part of the whole experience is not the ribbons and the accolades, but the journey itself!