The Diet Designed by Nature For Healthy Dogs and Cats!

Here is why you should choose BRAVO! for your dog's diet:

Bravo! products are "simple" formulas. While some prepared raw diet food brands can have as many as 30 or more ingredients, Bravo! formulas are kept simple by design. Their core product lines, the Bravo! Blends and Bravo Balance Raw Diet, contain no more than 5 ingredients - a protein source (the meat), bone and organ meat, vegetables and in the Balance products an added vitamin/mineral supplement.

This simplicity is very helpful for pets with sensitive digestive systems. And there are many holistic veterinarians who believe that formulas with minimal ingredients are less likely to contribute to the development of food intolerances.

Add a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement to the Bravo! Blends (not necessary for Bravo Balance Raw Diet blends), a Probiotic and some salmon oil as a source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, and you have everything your pet needs without an excess of additives and unwanted supplements.

Single-Protein Formulas
Bravo! products are always single-protein formulas. So, for example, when their label says, "Turkey", all of the ingredients come from a turkey. Bravo! never uses more than one protein source per product and we never mix protein types in our formulas.

100% All Natural
Another distinguishing characteristic of Bravo! is the absolute commitment to healthy, all-natural product formulations. Their raw diet products never contain grain, preservatives or additives, and all the ingredients are always human-grade quality.

They know their customers choose Bravo! because their products are the best you can buy to promote better pet health. Everything that goes into a Bravo! product supports that promise. In fact, at Bravo! they are fanatics about the quality and characteristics of the ingredients, which is why:

  • Their red meat products are hormone-free and grass-fed
  • Their lamb and beef are 100% pure grass fed New Zealand lamb and beef
  • Their poultry is antibiotic-free
  • Their raw vegetables are Grade A fresh and washed prior to processing
  • They never use preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients or colors

Bravo! features the industry's widest range of types of proteins - chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, pork, ostrich, duck, rabbit, salmon, buffalo and venison - as well as formulas including blends of meat, bone, organ meat and vegetables; complete and balanced diets; basics containing meat and bone or meat, bone and organ meat; as well as boneless, containing just meat.

The choice doesn't end with the formulas they make. They offer most of their products in 2-, 5- and 10-lb. sizes. The burger blends come in the 8-oz. size and the BRAVO! Balance burgers come in 2- and 4-oz sizes.

Bravo! is made with all USDA inspected and approved meats in a USDA inspected facility that primarily cuts and processes meats for restaurant and institutional use. In New Zealand, Bravo! products are produced under the regulations of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, an equally strict source of governmental oversight. So, Bravo! is produced under all the same processing regulations that apply to human food products. Just as important, and maybe even more important, Bravo! and their production partner in New Zealand own their plants. They do not send their products out to middlemen processors, as do all but one or two of the raw diets on the market. Because of the ability to manufacture on their own plant, BRAVO! has total quality control. They know what is happening at every step of production! Because Bravo! is manufactured to human food standards, it means they are also already in compliance with the USDA guidelines for raw diet manufacturing.

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Due to limited freezer space we are unable to stock the entire BRAVO! line. SNAP stocks all BRAVO! Blends in 2- and 5-lb chubs as well as a wide variety of the 2# BRAVO! Basics and BRAVO! Boneless products.

Any BRAVO! product that SNAP does not stock may be special ordered. For your planning, we get a BRAVO! delivery every two to three weeks. All special orders are by the case, must be pre-paid and are not returnable. Because of our limited freezer space special orders must be picked up on the day of delivery, unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery.

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