Our Facilities


SNAP's heated indoor training facility is located in an upstairs gymnasium in Syosset, NY. The working area is 50 x 70 and is fully matted and has 32 linear feet of mirrors. There is an additional stage area where dogs are crated, agility and obedience equipment is stored, and a small honor-system store is located. There is a full kitchen adjacent to the working area and bathrooms on the lower level. All puppy classes, competitive obedience classes and winter agility classes are held at our indoor location.


SNAP's outdoor agility training facility is located in Woodbury, NY. We have two fully fenced and lighted 90 x 90 rings. The agility equipment in one ring has all rubberized contacts, while the seesaw in the other ring is sanded, allowing dogs to learn how to handle the tip on each type of board found in competition.

When a course is set in any ring for classes there is a "Course Set" sign by the ring. We ask when you see this sign that you return any equipment that you moved to where it was originally. There is a bathroom, small kitchen and honor-system store with training treats and toys available for sale. Agility classes, weather permitting, are held in Woodbury.