How to Order

SNAP does not have a traditional storefront. Our raw diets are stored in freezers in Mattituck, NY. Once orders are placed, confirmed and paid for, they may be picked up in Mattituck, unless arrangements have made for pickup at one of our training facilities or at our south shore location in Lido Beach.

To place an order:
E-mail us here
(631) 673-7519

Be sure to give us a detailed description of your order, including how many of each, the size, brand and flavor you want as well as when you would like to pick it up. (eg: Five 5-lb BRAVO! lamb, two 2.5-lb mORIGINS and one 16-oz salmon oil. I would like to pick it up this Friday at 10:00 am.) Be sure to leave your telephone number so we can get back to you to confirm your order. Once confirmed an invoice will be emailed to you, which may be paid online. If you prefer, you may leave a check made out to SNAP in the mail slot over the cooler where the food will be stored for pickup.

All orders must be paid for before food can be taken!

Since we travel quite frequently to dogs shows, be sure to contact us at least 24 hours before you need to pick up your order so we can make arrangements to have your order pulled and ready for you.

If you have any questions, give us a call!

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